AFS Combat Rescue

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Arma Combat Rescue Operations is a designated map that will test all the skills that we teach at Arma Flight School. ACRO will be on designated nights scheduled in our calendar of events so Students can plan ahead and join in on certain game nights. We are excited to host Arma Combat Rescue Operations on the Arma Flight School Server. So please be advised and treat this map like any other training map.

Following Rules

Pilots must be qualified by AFS, to PIC (Pilot in Control) for a helicopter. Co Pilot and fly with the supervision of a Qualified pilot as long as the PIC can take over the controls.

Chief Crewman must be trained as an Advanced CMT (Combat Medical Trained) and Ground Control Operations.

Crewman needs to be verified and checked off by the PIC (MORE TO COME)

PJ must be Special Operations Status with Advanced CMT

To participate in Combat Rescue Operations you must be a Arma Flight School Student

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