JTAC & Ground Training

By the end of this course you will be able to control fixed and rotary wing aircraft in game so that they provide safe, effective fire upon enemy positions. You will be able to properly help your team utilize the full potential of an attack aircraft.

Most players do not know how to properly control an attacking aircraft in a forward area

- this tends in air missions which are ineffective, slow to arrive and often contain an

elevated risk of fratricide.

If you don’t understand something you must ask for clarification.

Not understanding = killing friendlies with assets or not being effective.

If you want anything in particular covered that is not on the syllabus, I am open to suggestions



AFS Training Navigation

Afghanistan TACP/JTAC deployment 2015-2016

Be a Spec Ops Tactical Air Control Party Airmen


Do you have what it takes? The Air Force's Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party Airmen, or SOF TACPs, are ground special operators who direct air power on the battlefield. Specifically, these Airmen call in air and ground strikes while embedded with a special forces team, such as the Army Rangers or Navy SEALs. These SOF TACPs are selected from the conventional TACP force to integrate air and ground in Air Force Special Tactics, with only 5% of TACPs serving in special operations. The majority of SOF TACPs are assigned to the 17th Special Tactics Squadron, who have been continuously deployed "outside the wire" since 9/11.



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