Fixed Wing Flight Training is the final course offered in the pilot training pipeline for Arma Flight School. Active students who wish to earn their fixed "wings" can enroll in this course after graduating Combat Rotary Flight Training. In addition to Close Air Support (CAS), one must be able perform air interdiction on tactical ground and air targets that are not in close proximity to friendly ground forces. The purpose of this is to delay, disrupt, or destroy enemy forces or supplies en route to the area of operation before they can engage friendly forces. All of this is an attempt to aid friendly ground operations rather than just defeating the enemy by air alone. Along with ground targeting tactics, one will learn Basic Fighter Maneuvering (BFM) as well as Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) or more commonly known as "dog fighting". One must successfully complete all phases and qualify in the Combat Rotary Flight Training before applying for Fixed Wing Flight Training. The duration of this training is generally two 2-hour classes over one week.



The two main phases of Fixed Wing Flight Training are:


First Phase:

Basic Fighter Maneuvering


Second Phase:

Air Interdiction Tactics, Air Combat Maneuvering



Final testing for Fixed Wing Flight Training will follow the second phase.







Meet a pilot that gets to fly one of the most awesome weapons in the US Air Force arsenal, the A-10 Thunderbolt, nicknamed the Warthog.

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Class 13-ZBG F-16 Viper B-Course Graduation Video 308th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base

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