Advanced Rotary Flight Training is for active students who wish to officially earn their gold wings. One must graduate Basic Flight Training before applying. Clans may require Advanced Rotary Flight Training a necessity for their pilots to ensure safe transportation for their squads. Inserting friendly ground units near an area of operation without the threat of detection or injury is the most important thing a pilot and crew can perform. This course focuses on advanced flight tactics for transportation and survival preparedness in the event of a crash. The duration of this training is generally three 2-hour classes over two weeks.




The Black Hawk is the military’s most versatile helicopter, suited for a variety of missions, including command and control, air assaults, medical evacuations, and lift operations. Capable of carrying four crewmembers (two pilots and two crew chiefs) plus a fully equipped 11-person infantry squad, the Black Hawk can also hold a 105 mm howitzer or a Humvee suspended below the aircraft during sling-load operations.


The three main phases of Advanced Rotary Flight Training are:


First Phase: Aviation Missions, Formations and Exercises


Second Phase: SERE School


Third Phase: Introduction to IFR flight


Final testing for Advanced Rotary Flight Training will be on week 4


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