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This is the school we wish we had when we started.


We cater to individuals, Clans, Communities to show and train on how to fly the boundaries of the Arma 3 flight Mechanics. Our Mission is to create real world training scenarios that can be used with any player or Mil-Sim group. More to come...


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All Students should be 10-15 mins early to make sure all Mods and controllers are ready at the start of each class.

A Joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) is the term used in the United States Armed Forces and some other military forces for a qualified service member who directs the action of combat aircraft engaged in close air support and other offensive air operations from a forward position.

Arma Flight School is now the home of the JTAC training center.

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Our Promise

If you are willing to bring a positive attitude, a hunger for learning and are able to commit your time to our program, we will focus our team's vast experience and unbridled energy into helping you take that next step in your piloting career.


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